The Girl

I’m a blogger, but there is so much that I’ve felt I haven’t been able to talk about over the last year on my current blog. I’ve let my friends and family in, and I have no regrets for that. Now, though- I feel I need a place where I can do a little self discovery in private.

I want to be able to vent about my exes, crushes, and loves from afar… and perhaps the size of their penises- without running the risk of feeling censored.

I’ve been told that when it comes to boys and relationships, I often live in a fantasy world. For the most part, I’m confident and independent when I’m on my own (which is 99% of the time), but I’ve realized that I have this horrible habit of romanticising every possible relationship that I encounter.

Right now the mood here is a little on the somber side, but I can assure you- “laughter through tears is my favorite emotion,” and I plan on doing a lot of laughing around these parts.


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