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The Break-Through.

I’m unsure how exactly it happened, but at some point this afternoon, I must have gone into a new phase. A new phase of getting over someone? A new phase of life? I have no idea. But something inside of … Continue reading

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An update…and the ex-ex… This should be exciting.

Some days I’m fine, and others I just want to scream. Last night I signed into Facebook to see his name flash across my screen. “MOTHERFUCKINGCUMNUGGET” is now friends with “BITCHFACE.” This shouldn’t have been so surprising to me, except … Continue reading

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Dating is stupid

It is stupid. Or maybe I just really, really, suck at it. I’ll admit- last night’s date went OK,  I can’t complain. I just don’t like dating in general. It’s uncomfortable. It takes up time. I feel like I’m being … Continue reading

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