An update…and the ex-ex… This should be exciting.

Some days I’m fine, and others I just want to scream.

Last night I signed into Facebook to see his name flash across my screen.


This shouldn’t have been so surprising to me, except for the entire time we were together he only signed in to Facebook once, and that was to accept my friend request… or so he said.

I also know that at least 15 of my friends had requested him, and he said that he hadn’t accepted because he never got on. Now though, two weeks later- he signs on at the exact moment that I did and accepted friends… but he obviously ignored the people we had in common, though I suppose that was a good decision on his behalf.

I don’t know why it bothered me so much. At the time, I thought he was proud of “us.” He sure acted like it around my family and friends. The more I look back though, and really examine our relationship, I’m starting to think that he was hiding a lot more than I thought.

Today he texted me and let me know that he got the package that I so stupidly sent his ass. He didn’t say thank you, but did offer to drop my things off at my work this week. I said I’d rather him not, but maybe he could bring them by my house when my roommate was working at home. He didn’t reply.

Why in the world would he want to ruin my work day?

I just don’t understand.

In other news, the ex before him, “The One“… the one I haven’t talked about yet, but the one that I was hopelessly in love with for 7 years until I met “the ex,” is coming in town this weekend with his new girlfriend. I’ve heard nothing but horrid things about her so far, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. I don’t really care. If I can say one good thing about the ex at this point it’s that he got me over the previous one, the one I thought I would never get over.

I hear his new girlfriend was recently institutionalized, and that she cries nightly, and that she is an absolute horrible person. Honestly, I can’t wait to meet this train wreck. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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5 Responses to An update…and the ex-ex… This should be exciting.

  1. ScoMan says:

    Okay, so his track record that we know of is some crazy crying girl, and then.. you.

    Just saying.

    Kidding of course. You know I love you. And it’s because I love you I can make jokes like that at your expense.

  2. red79 says:

    My ex was NEVER on pop up chat, and now everytime I log in, there he is….not talking to women tho..oh no…just friends… I sound bitter, but I’m not. Just annoyed. I could have saved money on text messages if he logged in while we were together!

  3. Ugh, isn’t that the worst part of social media — how it lets you force yourself to keep up with the lives of dumb jerkwads you wish you could leave behind forever?!

    Also, if the only good thing about a relationship is that it lets you get over The Big One before it, dude, that might just be enough. Hearts, dude.

  4. Bianca says:

    I know you are receiving far more attention from me than you ever wanted, but not only did I give you a little “seven things” challenge on my blog, but I ALSO have bestowed you with a blog award! Hahaha, I’m not a stalker, I promise!!! They just happened to occur at the same time… 😉 Check them out when you get a chance!

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